Application / Expression of Interest
Documentary Australia Foundation's
Teacher Training for Schools in Victoria
supported by Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation
*Only schools with an ICSEA value under 1000 are eligible to apply.
*Preference will be given to schools who can participate in 2017, however consideration may be given to schools interested in participating 2018.
*Filling out this EOI does not mean you will be guaranteed a place in the program, and Documentary Australia Foundation has the right to use our discretion on which schools we select to participate.
We will endeavor to respond to every EOI/application by the end of August.
Are you eligible?

Our school has an ICSEA value below 1000 (including many special schools with a zero ICSEA). ICSEA stands for Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage – check values at *

About your school...

Tell us a little bit about life at your school. *

What do you want your students to make documentary films about or for? *

Tell us a bit about your local community and how the school is connected to the community. *

How many staff are at your school? *

How many students are at your school? *

Program logistics

Do you want a one-day or two-day program? *

How many staff will be participating? *

What are your top three preferences for the date/s we can deliver the program?

Start date preference 1: *

Start date preference 2: *

Start date preference 3: *

School contact details:

Name of school: *

Address of school: *

School's website:

Name of contact person & position at school: *

Contact person's phone number: *

THANK YOU for applying to participate in DAF's teacher training program. Make sure you click the 'continue' and 'submit' buttons below to complete your application and we will aim to get back to you by the end of August.

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